Because the Chamber defends the prestige of the profession of court appointed translators and interpreters, their professional, labour and social interests.

KST ČR members enjoy significant fee reduction for events which are organized by KST ČR and other friendly associations each year, such as course for those who want to apply for the registration of a court appointed translator and interpreter, tax workshop focused on news in bookkeeping, terminological workshops in various languages oriented on legal terminology, follow-up programmes for translators and interpreters in legal terminology organized by faculties of law in Prague and Brno. The latter is required by municipal and legal courts for the appointment. 

KST ČR members receive the bulletin Soudní tlumočník free of charge containing lots of useful information about the profession. Their names are included in the list of court appointed translators and interpreters published on the KST website. Members have also access to the internal section of the website where they can find special glossaries, some existing translations of legal acts, and they can also use the internal chat for exchanging experience with translation of legal documents or get advice.

KST ČR representatives participate in chosen international symposiums related to court interpreting and bring useful information to all members. 

KST ČR is one of the founding members and a regular member of EULITA (European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association) and is an active participant in its projects.