Honorary members | Membership

Pursuant to our By-laws the honorary membership is awarded to members who have significantly contributed to the development and fulfillment of the objectives of the Chamber of Court Appointed Translators and Interpreters.

CHROMÁ Marta (since 2012), English
HABERSBERGER Jiří (since 2012), English, German
HANUŠ Vladimír (since 2012), German
HOCH Josef (since 2012), English
HORÁLKOVÁ Milena (since 2012), German
HRABÁKOVÁ Marie (since 2012), Russian
HROCHOVÁ Helena (since 2012), Italian
HUDEČKOVÁ Marcella (since 2012), French, Italian, Spanish
JAKUBÍČKOVÁ Alena (since 2014), German
KATSCHINKA Liese (since 2014), English, French, German
KORPAKOVÁ Žofie (since 2012), German, polský
NĚMCOVÁ Alena (since 2013), English, German
OLEÁRNÍKOVÁ Jitka (since 2013), German, Russian
PÖPPERL Jiří (since 2012), German
ŘEHOŘEK Miloš (since 2012), German
RICHTROVÁ Eva (since 2012), English, French, German
SMÍTKOVÁ Květoslava (since 2012), English, Croatian, Russian, Serbian
SOLLICH Alfred (since 2012), German
SOUKUPOVÁ Světlana (since 2012), Russian, Ukrainian
SPITZER Otto (since 2012), German
TAUER Jaroslav (since 2012), English
TOPOLOVÁ Helga (since 2012, German
TRŇÁČKOVÁ Zora (since 2012), German